• Reviewed by: seangoodnow  on: 13/11/2015
    Had a great meal and awesome service by Windy.
  • Reviewed by: Gubier  on: 07/11/2015
    I love your food
  • Reviewed by: babypumpkins5  on: 05/09/2015
    Normally the food is great but very disatisfied with there chow mein sauce is not supposed to be soupy.
  • Reviewed by: eric.trujillo  on: 07/06/2015
    Hands down, the best Chinese fast food restaurant in Camden County.
  • Reviewed by: tonny51122  on: 10/05/2015
    we love china king we go there all the time,the service was nice. and the place are worth t
  • Reviewed by: ingycooks  on: 17/04/2015
    had a take out last night, wonton soup, egg foo young and sesame chicken. all were not up to par. as a matter of fact the soup looked like melted jello and , without exaggeration,had no taste at all, wontons were sour and ended up getting quite ill, I am a professional chef, and i really should contact the health department, but instead i will never return. ...
  • Reviewed by: c2dwebster  on: 14/02/2015
    my husband went and picked up our order and we have several complaints, ticket #1371458 I ordered chicken fried rice with NO VEGGIES AND NO ONIONS as the kids do not like them\. and it came with both, next there were NO fortune cookies. so my husband had to make a run to chick filet for the kids something...normally china king is pretty good, but this meal failed us all
  • Reviewed by: artisan315  on: 02/09/2014
    Best Chinese food in Kingsland, GA!!! Huge portions. My only wish is that they delivered!!!
  • Reviewed by: dpn729  on: 19/08/2014
    Love it!! Best in the area!
  • Reviewed by: liz87gadogs  on: 27/01/2014
    I love China King. The website is very user friendly. The food here is very good and service is great~~
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