• Reviewed by: robinsonrs200  on: //2020
    The food we get here is normally very good. Tonight was horrible. The wonton in the wonton soup were not cooked. the dough was raw. The Mongolian Beef tasted old and just weird. I may not be back because of this night.
  • Reviewed by: krishna7774kumar  on: //2020
    Awesome content in our blog must read it.
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  • Reviewed by: loyalfirstbooks  on: //2019
    I was told by rude manager that the Szechuan chicken dinner combo I have been buying there for 10 tens doesn't have broccoli in it. I want to speak to owner this is bad service and I am not purchasing dinner there any longer with employees who do not know their food. Very Disappointed Sy
  • Reviewed by: a  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: mfieds  on: //2019
    Great Chinese American food, love it!
  • Reviewed by: appellegrino1234  on: //2019
    No mushroom on both lo mein
  • Reviewed by: hello  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by:   on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: steveandsnow  on: //2019
    on 1-15-19 my husband bought me lunch portion chicken and brocoli it was terrible no flavor at all and the rice was dry it had no onions and their were carrots and peas and no eggs i will not be returning
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