• Reviewed by: gjschreiner13  on: //2018
    We usually have good, fresh cooked food at a great price. Tonight my husband and I BOTH had 1/2" chicken bone shards in each of our meals, General Tso's and Orange Chicken. Luckily we caught them before damage was done! BTW, there are crispy noodles by the condiments but be sure not to miss the sign saying they cost $.60!!!
  • Reviewed by: jhighberg  on: //2018
    There is no option to select white rice for dinner combos in the family meal.
  • Reviewed by: info  on: //2018 | |
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
  • Reviewed by: LaChris0307  on: 14/10/2016
    We are once a week regulars here and the food and customer service are always great! Never any issue
  • Reviewed by: Coffeycup_9  on: 29/09/2016
    Ive been coming here for 5 years. Tonight was awful. The meat in eggdrop soup was awful, the egg rol
  • Reviewed by: nitarivera73  on: 10/09/2016
    I'm picky when it comes to ordering Chinese takeout, and coming from the Bronx, NY I never seem to find good Chinese takeout. But I was impressed with China King and its "NEW YORK STYLE" taste.. They're clean, well organized and great customer services. I recommend this establishment to all my friends and family. Love, love, love their General Tso's Tofu
  • Reviewed by: linda  on: 06/09/2016
    We love China King! Food is always great and I love them even more now that I can order dinner onlin
  • Reviewed by: ginigirl74  on: 09/07/2016
    My husband and I love China king. It's the closest to the one we used to go to in Jax. Occasionally,
  • Reviewed by: GeorgiaMomma  on: 03/03/2016
    There was only 4 of us , but we ordered 2 family meals ( 3 combo dinners & a salad each family meal
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